Stephanie Mundy

What can be more fabulous than a shoot at the beach with a stunning model in various summer outfits? This past weekend, hubby and I decided to take a quick break, adventuring to Umhlanga in Kwazulu Natal, one of our favourite destinations. And always loving what I do,...

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Diaan Daniels

Styled shoots are the most wondrous opportunities for photographers to move into a creative space that is controlled. Styling allows the photographer to create the perfect desired effect. On the 19th of December, I had the pleasure of working with renowned designer,...

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Kirsten & Anders

On the 10th of December, I tested some gear that I have been thinking of purchasing. I decided to call on my wonderful friends to play model for me, and what fun did we have! The gorgeous Kirsten and cheeseball Anders, made photographing with new gear easy. With...

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